Return & Warranty

In order to build a perfect supplier to customer relationship for now and in the future of mutual interest, We make sure if any of our product which we ship to you is not according to your expectation or doesn’t match your specification, We can process a return immediately. This is usually acceptable within 12hours of receipt of the product at the destination.

In the process of return or refunds, It is important to give us clear explanation by email with reasons for the return mentioning clearly the default in our product and if possible with photos in cases where the  damage is visible. As well as the return products should come to us in their original packaging.

Upon receipt of your returns, a change will be registered in our system, and a different product sent to your address within 24hours. While in Cases of financial reimbursement, it will take up to 4 business days to be able to complete a payback.

For more details contact us